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This is not just a free ad for Promix Brand. I do not think they would want to be associated with "our" kind of people. Read how I came to conclusion to use Promix only.


21 July 2006 - Promix BX and HP now comes in white bags. The website of the manufacturer still shows black bags. Some stores have black bags from old stock and some have the new white bags, either way its all good.


There is a simpler way to Grow 




The solution is Pro-Mix BX (or Pro-Mix HP).


Promix is a planting medium (often called soil-less-mix), which on the surface looks and feels just like any garden variety potting soil but is made up of only 3 basic elements; peat moss, vermiculate and perlite. This type of mix is sometimes referred to as the triple-mix.


Promix also contains agents to stabilize the PH levels (measure of acidity) at 5.5 to 5.7 thus eliminating the problem of adjusting PH levels of the water which is crucial to indoor growing.


In other words, so long as you use Promix you do not have to understand anything about PH .. or EC or PPM. In fact all you need to know is that when the plants go dry, you need to add some food to the bucket of cold tap water and feed your plants. Fairly easy I think.


FYI, if you do the same with any other type of (potting) soil, you will have to adjust PH of the water all the time just like in a hydro table.


Promix comes in bails weighing about 40 lb. each ($30) and you get 107 Liters of Soil-less-Mix. This is enough for 6 months for a small closet. Happy Girl does not make this product and we do not intend to implicate the manufacturer with our activities but the simple fact is - this product works for us and we love it.


Promix can be found across Canada and US in different garden stores. So far, we can confirm that Promix BX and Promix HP as well as Sunshine MIX No.4 are perfect for growing. Some Rona Hardware sell then as well as Home Depot, but all hydroponics Store should stock at least one of these brands.


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