Vegetative cycle 1000W


Sprouting        until plants are 2 or 3 inches tall they are not considered mature

And no nutrition is necessary. Once roots are established B1 formula helps


Week 1            50% of regular level vegetative nutrients + Supplements


Week 2            100% + supplements


Week ~            continue feeding at 100% + Supplements until you decide to bloom



Bloom Cycle 1000W

Total of 56 days (covers most strains)


Week 1           50/100% of veg food + supplements


Continue feeding with Veg formula at 100% + supplements but at the end of the week decrease nutrients to 50% in preparation for bloom food


Week 2           switch over from veg to bloom food


at the beginning of 2nd week or at the end of the 1st week decrease veg food to 50%, then switch your nutrients to Bloom/Flower formula. Feed at 100% of bloom food + supplements + Sugars which you should start adding starting this week NOTE: some growers switch from veg to bloom food as soon as they switch the timer to bloom and I have done the same in the past and it works just fine. The difference is very subtle and I prefer gradual removal of veg food and then gradual introduction of bloom food. It takes plants around 2 weeks after switching the timer in order to transfer from their veg mindset to bloom. You can see this when they start creating real buds around the beginning of week 3.


Week 3           100% bloom food + supplements + sugars + introduce bud booster at 50%


Week 4            100% to 140%* + supplements + sugars + bud booster at 100%


                        *If you are not sure about the strain you have stick to 100%. Remember that “less is more” if you don’t know. You can not recover plants from overfeeding so stay on the safe side.


Week 5            100% to 140%* + supplements + sugars + bud booster


                        *If you have been overfeeding it is most likely that you will see some burns either this or next week and you may chose to step down their nutrient level to 50% but still keep adding all other supplements + sugars + booster


Week 6            100% to 140% + supplements + sugars + bud booster


Week 7            25% + supplements but no sugars and no boosters


                        This is the beginning of leaching or clearing, when you withdraw nutrients and prepare the plant for harvest


Week 8            plains water, harvest at the last day of week 8




Nutrients:          sometimes called Primary Nutrients, any generic A+B formula will do, or if you want organic nutrients, see: Pure Blend Pro or Flora Nova 


Supplements:   this primary prevents problems by helping roots grow strong. If everything is well it is not necessary.

                               Any generic B1 supplement, by brand SuperThrive or Rhizotonic

Sugars:              pure strap molasses at 2-5ml/L or by brand: CarboLoad or Botanicare Sweet


Bud Booster:          DNF Bloom Fortifier, or Kool Bloom, or PK-13-14