Space for your plants



Ventilation of your closet


Hydroponics lights produce heat thus the need for ventilation


The least expensive way to cool down a closet is to simply open the door for the period of time the light is ON and close it when it's OFF. This only works if you have the 400W Light or smaller. The heat produced by the lights will be dissipated by the oscillating fan. 


If you have a 400W light and decide to have no ventilation other then an oscillating fan, remember that you have little control over temperatures thus you have to monitor the temperatures and make sure to adjust your nutrient feedings accordingly.


When your temperatures increase above 30C decrease the level of nutrients as they can not process the normal amounts of food.


Also, be more vigilant about watching out for mites and you should probably pre-treat your plants against mites (just in case).


When the temperatures rise above 30C you should expect the plants to gain HEIGHT (i.e. stretch)..... the heat is a direct cause. when stretching the plant concentrates on gaining height but lose their "bushiness".... bottom line is yield will decrease when temperatures rise.


Make sure the oscillating fan is at least 12 inches in diameter. This method has obvious limits thus in most cases an inline Fan is necessary. 


The fan can be attached to the side of your closet through a hole on the side wall or a hole placed through the door and attached with screws. The fan should suck the air out of the closet (it can also be reversed to blow air in to the closet  however this is only recommended if your closet has no outlet to outside). 


Below you can see an example of an inline fan attached to a closet with aluminum or plastic ducting. This fan can also be attached directly to the hole without any ducting. The air removed from the closet can be directed anywhere (see smell control below).


This method of ventilation creates Negative Pressure inside your grow space.


Any closet, no matter how well closed off from outside still has many tiny holes, whether its under the door, small cracks, electrical outlets, porous walls ... etc. Once the fan is turned ON these holes will provide access for cooler air to enter the grow room. This also allows you better method of smell control since you only have to control one smell source (inline fan outlet) and not many (doors, walls). 


See an example of Carbon Filter hanging off the ceiling


Pictures of a 1000W with Carbon Filter + 5 Plants  


 See more pictures of possible fan installation


NEW - we have carbon filters to completely remove the smell so you can vent this air into another room as well as outside.



What about Smell ?


In General, the closet with a 400W light will not smell any worst then an average place of a pot smoker. I mean that, if you smoke in your place / house, and you are ok with it, the closet will not smell any worst. If on the other hand you smoke outside only and are paranoid of any smell coming from your clsoet you need to at least install an inline fan or at best get a carbon filter for complete protection.


see examples of carbon filters to remove the smell


Plants start smelling only in the last ~3 weeks of bloom and the smell from a small closet (either Kits A, B or C) can be managed with ONA Blocks, OZIUM or any other smelly substance that can cover the smell.... like bar of Deodorant or stick of soak or better yet liquid soap.


If you have a room with more than 2000W total lights you should consider a Carbon Filter which can completely remove the smell from the room. The prices start at $250 for a Carbon filter big enough to handle a room over 12 feet by 12 feet. 


Ozium Spray: Glycolized air sanitizer. Aerosol spray reduces airborne bacteria, and dispels odors (same spray hospitals use)

This can fits into the dispenser on the right

Ozium Dispenser: Automated control of flying pests or odor in the grow room. The unit automatically mists a dose of odor controlling ozium every 15 minutes.


"Odor Killer" Gel-Pack

The "ODOR KILLER" Gel-pack is a fast easy way to fight odors at their source. This is a semi-solid block of counteractant which can be placed around where ever odors lurk. Remove the top or poke holes in it to release the agent as required. The blocks can be placed directly in ventilation ducting to neutralize undesirable odors as they are evacuated. Each block lasts 15 to 30 days. Simply open the lid and place in room or vents. The duration of the ona block will vary from 15 � 30 days relative to the airflow around the block and the ambient temperature. To limit the amount of odor control and extend block life poke holes in the cover and replace on the container.