1st Stage of Growth  


Bloom or Take Clones

2nd Stage of Growth

estimated period approx. 1 to 4 weeks


After about a week or two your plants should have well defined leafs and look like miniature tomato plants. The size should be anywhere from 1 cm to 10 cm (and larger) depending on the strain of tomatoes. 


Move them closer to the light but no closer than 2 feet from the bulb. Some strains grow faster than others so check it daily and make sure they do not get burned by the bulb.


The timer should continue to be set for 18 hours of light and 6 hours or darkness. The dark period does not need to be completely dark at this point of growth (so you can open the doors when they're sleeping and no damage will be done). 


Some growers prefer never to turn off the light thus forcing the plants to grow continuously. Happy Girl does not recommend this as beginners would not be able to recognize when the plants get too stressed from too much light. For the time being you should follow the recommended standard time periods.


In this stage your plants will grow towards the light. Turn the plants around once a day on its axis so the plant always reaches towards the light never growing too much to either side.




The plants should be fed with plant food at regular strength as per Plant Food lable provided with your Kit or as it says on the lable of your bottle. 


You may chose to provide Plant Food with every water cycle or if you are not sure skip a cycle and give them water only. Since not many people can have an experienced grower come to their house and tell them to add more or less plant food with your watering cycle it is best to make an experiment. Take 5 (or any number) or plants and provide them with progressively more mix of food and water, note it on a piece of paper and observe the plants for changes in colour for the next few days. The darker green the better. Read this section on overfeeding


Feed your plants every 4 to 5 days. Remember that pro-mix should never be completely dry. After about 2 to 3 watering cycles you will learn that plants drop down their leafs when they need water and reach towards the light when well watered. Observe them since some gardens dry up quicker than others. 


It is OK to feed your plants every 3 to 4 days .... again observe your plants.


Take tab water making sure its cool/warm and not cold. Leave it standing on the counter anywhere from 15 min. to 24 hrs. (Happy Girl recommends 1 hr. to make sure chlorine evaporates but otherwise Pro-mix will regulate the Ph level of your water thus a longer period is not necessary). 


Mix-in the appropriate amount of food and feed the plants to the point where water starts coming from below the pot/container (into the saucer provided with your kit). 


How do I know when to feed more (or less) food?


Get an small Oscillating Fan and place it so it blows wind on the entire crop. This will have two functions. One is to simulate the breeze of the wind in nature thus allowing the stocks to grow thick and strong (if not the plant may break under the weight of buds) and two it will move the heat produced by the hydroponics light away from the plants. 




Spray your plants once daily. Best time to spray is just after the lights come on but any time is just as good. 


Use water only. Some growers mix food with the spray however this is not necessary if you follow a proper feeding schedule. In fact foliar feeding should only be done by experienced growers.


NOTE: Spraying with very cold water at high pressure once a week will get rid of mites (bad bugs). (high enough pressure to the point of almost breaking the steams/leafs). The steam/leafs will return stronger and healthier. 

STOP spraying completely once you switch to Bloom.


Before switching your garden to Bloom PRE TREAT THE PLANTS AGAINST MITES

Read about mites

How to use Neem Oil Properly