Ventilation of your closet







Space for your plants

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view on a 400W setup)

To start, you need space to grow. 

The closet or space should be at least 3 feet by 3 feet and at least 6 feet tall (this is the smallest space required to house the 400W light which is also the smallest recommended beginner light). 

The bigger the space the better. You should however consider that in order to obtain the optimum light coverage you need to have at least 25 Watts of light for each square foot of the closet and at most 44 Watts per square foot.

Your minimum recommended grow space (see Kit A) will give you 44W/ft. which is at the maximum level.

Before staring the process of growing plants, set up your closet and power the lights, get a thermometer and turn ON the light. You want to measure if your temperatures with the lights ON stay with in 25 to 30C (or 75 to 85F). It does not mean that you can not grow if you have temperatures over 30C but it means that your plants will underperform when it comes to quantity (yield) ..... the quality should be ok provided you understand that when temperatures are high you have to use less nutrients then normal. The plants are also susceptible to mites thus you have to prevent mites rather than fight them when they show up.

Example of a basic 400W light inside 

a 3 x 3 closet


Picture of a 1000W light

hanging in a small closet


Example on how to determine the light coverage of your closet with a 400 Watt light.

Size of your closet is ... .... therefore your Watts per Square Foot calculates as follows:
3 feet wide x 3 feet long = 9 square feet 400W / 9 sq. feet = 44W per 1 square foot (44W/ft.) good, max.
4 feet wide x 3 feet long = 12 square feet 400W / 12 sq. feet = 33W per 1 square foot (33W/ft.) good
4 feet wide 4 x feet long = 16 square feet 400W / 16 sq. feet = 25W per 1 square foot (25W/ft.) good
5 feet wide x 4 feet long = 20 square feet 400W / 20 sq. feet = 20W per 1 square foot (20W/ft.) low
5 feet wide x 5 feet long = 25 square feet 400W / 25 sq. feet = 16W per 1 square foot (16W/ft.) too low

The closet can be closed off from outside with a door or a black & white poly film. The closure should be tight enough that no light comes in or out. The best way to test this is to lock yourself inside the closet, turn off the lights and check for any lights coming in from outside (and sealing the cracks with tape or sealing caulk). 


Cannabis in the bloom stage produce much smaller crop if (when lights are OFF, i.e. sleeping) even the tiniest amount of light gets to it through the cracks in your closet. This is one of the most important and easiest things you can do to maximize your yield, DO NOT ignore it. Make sure that NO LIGHT gets in the closet when the plants are sleeping.


The sides of the closet should be covered with Black & White Poly or Mylar which will provide you with optimum reflection of the light.


The Reflector should be hanged in a way that you can always move it up or down. In general, when you move in the plants, the light should be placed 2 feet away from the top of the plants and checked daily to make sure they do not get burned by the powerful light.