Power Usage and Costs


400W light even if used for 24 hours a day has a very small impact on the consumption of electricity.


It is considered normal that 1 person living a regular lifestyle in a condo or house, consumes 1000W of electricity. This means that 1 person living in a loft would pay about $40 a month for electricity.


In general terms 400W light (see Kit A) will consume about $10 dollars per month.


Look at it as adding a 40th of a person to the consumption bill you normally pay. Or add $10 to the bill. If you buy a desktop computer this adds between 300 and 400W of power. Big Screen TV can add this much. A projection TV can add a 1000W to your bill. My point is that 400W is nothing when it comes to power consumption. I would personally become "scared" when someone puts 4 x 1000W in a condo, which is the maximum for clandestine growing. A house can handle 6 x 1000W before its comes on the "radar" of the power company.


A 1000W light (Kit B and C) will consume about $30 to $40 per month of power which should still be fairly invisible due to normal fluctuations in power costs (at least in Canada) 


A normal household (condo or house) has a power board controlling the entire power usage of the house.


On this board each room has its own fuse assigned to control 2 or 3 power sockets inside that room. A normal fuse is 15 Ah (has a number 15 labeled on top of the fuse). Please check this or ask someone who understands the very basics of electricity.


a single 15 Ah fuse can control maximum of 

2 x 400W lights, an (inline) Fan and an oscillating fan. 


1 x 1000W light, an (inline) Fan and an oscillating fan. 

If you attempt to plug in additional electrical devices into the room controlled by the 15 Ah fuse, the fuse will burn out and you'll need to replace it.  is this dangerous? ........ may be to your wallet since you have to buy a new $4.99 breaker :-)


REMEMBER: a single 400W light (with all the fans) will only use about 50% of the room's power thus you can plug in other electrical devices, but a 1000W light uses up to 90% of the room's power thus nothing else should be plugged-in (aside from the fans). or you'll trigger the breaker and have to either flip it back On or replace it.


Question from Our Forum

Date: June 19, 2005

From: mrsb


Mark - I'm curious about the impact of a power failure on my bloom-room. Had one this morning just after the lights came on that lasted about 15 minutes - got me wondering what would happen if the power went off for more than a day or like today, for a brief period? Guessing my best bet would be to move them to a sunny window.


WEBMASTER: There is no problem with a 15 min. power failure, in fact 1/2 hour is a completely normal variation on the 12/12 cycle...so I would do nothing. During the last power failure (was it last year or 2 years ago? when the whole East Coast went down) most people that had 24 hrs power failure were ok (when in Bloom cycle), those who had longer power failure stunted the plants a bit (which means that it took a week for plants to return to its proper cycle...Veg or Bloom). The bigger problem was for people who were on Vegetative cycle, and those plants may have turned to blooming cycle. To me personally those are not really the big problems. When power goes down, FANS go down as well and the smell in Bloom cycle may cause more problems then lack of light. Some people I know invested into a small generator to at least run FANS for the time of the power failure.


Question from Our Forum

From: jj

Date: January 02, 2006



How much electricity (watts) is safe to run off of one, electrical outlet?


WEBMASTER: ...... on a standard household outlet, you can run either 1 vacuum cleaner OR 1 x 1000W light + 2 fans OR up to 3 x 400W and nothing else. Make sure to identify the breaker that will run the light and make sure you do not plug in anything else to this circuit (like a vacuum for example) ........ what happens when you overwhelm a circuit?...... it "pops" the breaker and you have to replace it (or flip it back) ...... is this dangerous? ........ may be to your wallet since you have to buy a new $4.99 breaker :-)