How can I tell if my plants need more nutrients?


ON THE LEFT (picture above) is leaf colour of a well fed plant and ON THE RIGHT you see a colour of a plant that is severely under-fed.


If your plant is closer to the RIGHT spectrum of green you should mix-in more food with your next watering cycle. 

This means that if your plant food lable says to mix in 5 ml per 1 liter of water, you should mix in 50% more on the next cycle (ex. 6-7 ml/L).

Repeat this process on the next watering cycle and add even more food if necessary.

You should continue to evaluate the colour of your leafs for the next 12 hrs after each feeding. Plants can start changing colour with in a couple of hours after feeding. If the colour of your plant has not changed dramatically within a day or so (towards the darker spectrum), your next cycle should contain more plant food. 


The tomato plant can be slightly overfed in order to achieve best results. 

This can be very tricky for beginners thus You should be completely satisfied if you have a very dark green colour (your yield will still be stupendous)

however ................. if you want to absolutely positively maximize the potential of your plant please carefully follow instructions below in order to look for the signs of severe overfeeding. (REMEMBER: plants that are slightly overfed will give you beautiful results, but plants severely overfed will DIE within half a day.... see the red disclaimer above)


This is OK

Overfed plants manifest themselves by creating brown/black/dark burn-spots on tips of leafs

ON THE LEFT you can see an example of a plant with a leaf that is PERFECTLY (over) FED. Tomato plant loves being slightly overfed.

The colour is dark green and the tip of this leaf is getting a small BROWN SPOT (burn out from too much food)

This brown spot on the tip + the dark green colour of the leaf means that you achieved a perfect balance.

This plant is perfectly fed thus you should not feed it with any nutrients (only water) for at least 1 cycle.

To resume feeding plants with food (and not just water) new young leafs growing from the top of the plant should have green colour much much lighter than the older burned leafs. At that point you can resume feeding your plant as per Nutrient levels labeled on your plant food. If the new growth has the same dark green colour as the older leafs skip food on the next cycle and feed only water.



This is NOT OK

ON THE LEFT you see an example of a leaf with signs of severe overfeeding (really BAD)

Notice that the brown/black spots are now spreading around the sides of the leaf.

This plant is severely overfed (stressed plants stop growing and may die) and needs to be leached with a clearing solution in order to remove excess food.

This plant will recover if you cut down on food completely and feed it only water for the next 2 cycles.

Your plants will show signs of overfeeding within 12 hours of feeding (or will die immediately if you killed it with food) thus you have to check for any discolorations quite often (we recommend once every hour after feeding)