How to use Neem Oil


Place Neem oil in a kitchen sink and fill the sink with hot water.


Neem oil, because its an oil, solidifies when left on the shelf for longer then 24 hours.

It needs to be warmed up before mixing it with water. Neem oil should look fluid and not solid before using.

15 minutes in a skink filled with hot water should do it.


Mix 30 ml of Neem Oil per 1 Gallon of tap water


water should be at room temperature and 1 gallon = 4 litters

 alternatively mix 7.5 ml per 1 liter of water


Mix 5 ml of soap per 1 gallon of tap water


regular dish soap is ok


alternatively mix 1.25 ml per 1 liter of tap water


Shake the sprayer well


Turn the HID lights OFF


you can keep regular lights ON, so you can see.


Spray each plant


make sure you cover every inch, top to bottom


mites live on the inside part of leafs so make sure you spray there


spray the stem and the soil and the area around the plants


shake the sprayer often to make sure Neem oil and soap are well mixed


Keep lights OFF for at least 6 hours.


after 6 hours you can turn 1 light ON but keep it 4 feet away from the plants


Neem Oil is very good for plants but the plants will suffocate if the

ambient temperature goes over 25 degrees Celcius


After another 6 hours you can resume your normal growing schedule


Repeat the Spray in 3 to 5 days


Mites reproduce every 3 to 5 days so if you missed any you will get them for sure


Most mites suffocate and die after Neem Oil spray.

Those that survive will produce offspring that is unable to reproduce.


Best time to spray for mites is just before you turn the garden to Bloom Cycle.


You should spray Neem Oil whether you have mites or not, since mites live all around us all the time.

The warmth and the humidity of our gardens draws mites to this environment.