Stage 2  




Cloning your plants 

and ensuring that you have the next generation of females.



When your plant is at least 1 foot tall you can safely take a clone. The clone (if taken from a female) is a guaranteed female thus determining clones sex is not necessary. Clones can be taken at any point of the plants life, however the best time is when your light cycle is at 18 hours.


In General


You will take one clone per plant and put them aside. Make sure to lable the young clones so when you find out which ones came from a male or a female plant, you can remove the male clones and the plants they came from.


The clones should be under fluorescent light on a 12 hour darkness and 12 hours light cycle. They will show sex within 3 to 20 days. See what you have to look for to spot the males.


If you are cloning a female plant your light cycle would be 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness ... also keeping lights ON for 24 hours while in veg stage is ok with me....


When determining sex of your plant It is always better to keep the lights ON for 18 or even 24 hours for a few days and then switch to 12 ON and 12 OFF .....


If you want to clone you plants you need to have a fluorescent light inside a box/room/closet at least 2 feet long, 2 feet high and at least 1 foot deep. 


Once the sex is determined (and males removed) you can take clones from your females and repeat the whole cycle with female plants forever without ever growing from seed again.




You need a brand new razor blade (buy one, do not re-use an old one). 


Take a rockwool cube (from $0.20/cube to $0.50/cube) and soak it for 24 hours with regular unfiltered tap water (in this case Ph correction is not recommended as clones actually prefer tap water).


Take Cloning Gel or Rooting Powder (both are good) and put it on the lid (you do not want the used gel or powder to be put back into the container, thus you will discard any unused portion)


The clone you take should come first from the main stock of the plant and it should be at least 8 to 10 cm tall. The smaller the clone the less chances for its survival. Leafs can not be cloned at this time so make sure wherever you cut, you are cutting from the stock.

Picture above shows where to take the clone when the plant is in Vegetative Stage (18 hours light)

Picture above shows where to take the clone when the plant is in Bloom Stage (12 Hours light)

Take your razor blade and make a 45 degree cut on the stock. Make it with a determined and steady movement. Dip the end of the clone in the powder or gel and stick it into the rockwool cube. You do not want excess amounts of gel/powder on the clone thus shake off the excess gently.

Cuttings should have leaves at the top and a couple of leaves lower down the stem Remove the leaves low down on the stem.


The rockwool cube should never be dry but it also should not stand in water. Once in a while* soak the cube with regular tap water at room temperature and let the water drain naturally from the cube. The cube should not leak any water when lifted. 

*The cube should be able to hold enough water for up to 7 days BUT that depends on how warm your room/closet is. Try to keep the cube dryer rather then wet since you want to encourage the young root to keep looking for water. Keeping the cube completely soaked with water makes it too "comfortable" for the clone and they root too slowly.


The clone should only be sprayed with water or a rooting hormone mixed with water for the first day (and/or 3 or 4 times a day for a day or two) and the spraying should continue once a day for approximately 7 to 20 days. Not spraying is ok if you have very humid conditions. 


Put the cube under a fluorescent light. 


Check for signs of roots once a day (but very briefly as the roots hate the light). If you see roots sticking out from the cube, the plant is ready to be put into small container filled with Promix (watered with a weak solution of food). You can simply take the whole cube and shove it into the pot filled with Promix (that's what it's for)


Keep the clone under fluorescent light for a couple of days and after that the clone is ready to be grown as per Stage 2 or Bloom.



i.e. what should happen, step-by-step


1. You pre-soak the 1 inch cubes in tap water for 24 hours prior to cloning, if you are using Jiffy Peats pre-soaking is not necessary.


2. Get a new razor (to make sure it is clean), cloning gel or powder and cut the clones


3. Spray the clones with water and place the dome over the clones. Position the tray of clones 2 inches away from a fluorescent light OR 4 feet away from a HID light (like a 400W)


4. The next day, take off the dome for a minute, give them a gentle spray of water and put the dome back ON.


5. On the third day repeat.


6. On the 4th day leave the dome OFF for 15 minutes but no more then an hour. Spray with water before placing the dome back ON.


7. On the fifth day remove the dome completely. If after 3 to 4 hours you see the clones drooping their leafs or it looks like they are wilting, spray with water and place the dome back ON. This means that they need extra time (and higher) humidity......... Wait 24 hours and go back to Step 4.


8. You can spray with tap water daily if you wish. After 5 to 7 days the cubes or the jiffy peats may need re-watering. You can chose to give them plain tap water (nothing against it) or mix a very diluted nutrients into the water. Example. If you chose to add nutrients add only 10% or 5% of recommended mixture. If you are not sure do NOT add any nutrients.


9. Clones should start showing roots in the 7th day or so.... some may take longer and the normal time would be between 7 to 15 days from cutting.......