2nd Stage of growth  



Bloom Cycle


The best time to change the cycle of light from VEG to BLOOM is when your plants reach anywhere from 1 to 2 feet in Height. It should take about a month from when you start the seeds to get to the point when these plants are about a foot or two in height.


Before switching your garden to Bloom PRE TREAT THE PLANTS AGAINS MITES

Read about mites

How to use Neem Oil Properly


Bloom Cycle refers to the period when the plants produce flowers and buds.


After about a month of Growth (or Veg Period) the plants should be big enough to produce flowers.


The onset of this period is up to you. In order to start the bloom cycle, switch your timer to 12 hours of light (light ON) and 12 hours of darkness (light OFF). This tells the plant that the summer is (almost) over and its time to produce flowers.


The dark period (or sleeping) is very important to cannabis. Make sure NO LIGHT of any sort gets to the plants when they are sleeping (even through a key hole). If you disturb your plants when they are sleeping the buds will be weak and far in between (which is not the idea, now is it)

When you switch the lights from Veg to Bloom you also have to switch your nutrients from Veg to Bloom. Continue the normal cycle of watering and feeding, but switch the type of nutrients provided. For people growing in Promix this is irrelevant but for people with Hydroponics water tables, the PH of water should be decreased from around 6 or 6.5 down to 5.8..... and down to 5.2 starting in the 5th week of bloom cycle.

The plants keep growing for 2 weeks even after you switch the lights to Bloom Cycle. You have to make sure your closet can accommodate the full plant.


Example: if your plant is 10 cm tall at the onset of bloom cycle, she will be approximately 20 cm tall when fully grown and ready for harvest. You have to allow enough space in your closet for the plant to reach its full height without having the plants too close to each other. 


Plants that are too close to each other experience stress which can also decrease your yield.


You should continue the same regiment of watering and feeding throughout the bloom cycle however on week 5 or 6 you can add so called BUD BOOSTER. This is a nutrient that is high in phosphates. The plants use phosphate to fill in the empty spaces left empty by the seeds (or lack of seeds).... In other words it makes you bud denser.


Usually sold under the name "PK-13-14" or Miracle Grow Ultra Bloom 10-52-15 or something that has high middle NPK number........ The general name is BUD BOOSTER, additive for the 6th week of bloom.


Another way to improve the bloom is to spray FULVIC ACID on the leafs..... Very light spray containing some Fulvic Acid can be sprayed everyday starting on the 4th week of bloom.

NOW You have to start observing for sex and once males are discovered they must be removed from the closet. 


In the first two week of bloom the plants will start showing sex. If you leave the plants alone after 4th week the male plants will pollinate the females and you will have lots of seeds and little bud. The point is to remove any males before week 4.


More details about detecting male plants can be found here