Grow Guide

Learn to grow your own



This Grow Guide is meant for those of you who pay excessive prices for cannabis bought off the streets. In order for cannabis to be cheaper to grow then to buy is if you spend $200 per month on cannabis. I, personally saved $500 per month when I started growing.


if you smoke one joint a day you probably consume an ounce every two weeks. A growing cycle of cannabis plant is anywhere between 2 to 3 months. This means that from the time you get seeds to the time when you have your first joint.


You need to grow anywhere from 4 to 8 ounces every growing cycle if you want to stop getting it off of the streets. In order to get this amount you need a light with minimum 400 Watts of power. This is why our beginner kits start at 400W.


If you think 400W is a lot of power consider that your average desktop computer consumes 300W or 400W and your vacuum cleaner about 1200W. I would always recommend getting a 600W or a 1000W light. 1000W light should get a pound of cannabis for every grow cycle. As a medical cannabis smoker I can easily smoke a pound of weed every 2 or 3 months.

1.  Summary of the Growing Cycle of Cannabis:


2.  Introduction and lots of basic stuff


       Glossary of Hydroponics Terms (the lingo)

       N-P-K, Micronutrients and Hydroponics Food Formula explained


3.   Choose proper space for your plants


                                                                                                               Build Your Own 400W closet


4.   Ventilate your closet and control smell


5.   Start Seeds


6.   Choose correctly sized planting pots


7.   Vegetative Stage and How to Feed your plants


8.   How to take care of Clones


9.   Start Blooming


10. Harvest Time


Additional Issues


Sprayer, Spider Mites and Bloom


Pruning the cannabis plant


Summery of Bloom with 1000W light



Feeding Schedule


Nutrients Explained 


What's 100% feeding? 

I have a 400W light, how much to feed my plants?

Which plants can be fed at 100%


How to use Neem Oil (same as Einstein Oil)


Detecting Male Plants


How do I know when to add more/less food? 


How much power will my lights consume?


What is NPK and Micronutrients?


Understand the difference between growing a lot of cannabis and growing quality cannabis.




Trichomes and Harvest Time


Trichomes are plant structures found on and around the leaves surrounding the flower.


You can see them with the naked eye, but they only appear as "white crystals". In order to tell if the plant is ready for harvest, You need a 10x or 30x loop or magnifying glass. This is the best way to describe them.


With your 10x or 30x loop , On an immature plant, the trichomes will appear as clear or translucent structures . Some of the trichomes will appear as a ball, some appear as a stalk, and some appear as a stalk with a ball on top. (click on the pictures).


It is time to harvest when the trichomes lose their transparency and become cloudy or opaque.









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