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675 The Queensway

in Toronto

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     Tel: (416) 548-4075




You can now pay for seeds via Email Money Transfer.
If you have questions call Mark at 1-647-835-4212
You can also email me at




Choose Seeds from our Catalogue 
and add 13% HST +  $10 shipping
Example:    1 order of seeds is $50 + 13% HST (is $6.50) + $10 shipping = $66.50
or 2 orders total $100 +  13% HST (is $13) + $10 shipping = $123.00
If you really want to, add another $10 for express shipping 
Log-in to your account (with any Canadian Bank) 
and email the total amount to
Here is a Youtube video explaining email money transfers
In a separate email to state the 
address where to mail our discreetly packaged order and the
Seeds you want to purchase. Include the 
security answer you chose in step 2
It takes 24 hours to mail seeds after the transfer
Thank You