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A.  Basic Kit for your closet
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* Description

* Your Closet

  • 400W HID (Metal Halide) System. 

  • The reflector can be purchased pre-assembled and the ballast is ready to be plugged into any socket.

  • Perfect for beginners with 1 to 5 plants

  • Fits into any closet at least 3' (wide) x 3' (deep) x 6' (tall), see picture of a small example on the right.

  • Little Power usage: ~ $5.00 to $10.00 / month

  • Inside the closet you'll fit 1 to 5 buckets, filled with pro-mix 

  • See our Learn 2 Gro Section and .... GRO

Closet pictured above is 6 feet tall and 3 feet wide/deep. The plants are 3 feet away from the light. Oscillating fan (not pictured) is necessary if the door to this closet is closed. Come to the store and see it for yourself.


* Cost * Parts Pictured
  • ($250) 400W Light bulb, Ballast & Reflector 

  • ($100) Small Fan 

  • ($50) Four 5 Gal. Pots + Pro-Mix 

  • ($70) Plant Food & timer

  • cdn$470.00 + tax. Total cost


Reflector with 400W Bulb

Organic or Non-Organic Plant food, depending on your preference.

Small fan used to cool the closet

5 Gallon buckets



* Comments


          The drawing below represents an example of how the Hydroponics Lights work. This set-up is for beginners. Since the heat generated by this 400W MH bulb is not overly hot, inline  fan is highly recommended but not absolutely required. 

          This set-up is for you if you have never grown before, live in a small space and want to grow on the cheapest budget possible. Come to Happy Girl and talk to us, we can recommend something that will work for your particular need. 

          If you want to expand your growing operation later you can add another 400W system or move onto a 1000W system later.